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Cannabis testing policies still vary wildy in the U.S. despite hemp's legal status. Our Base and Core Lines are built to accommodate every individual customer's preference–whether they're concerned about getting tested on the job, play in a pro league with outdated policies, or have a strong preference for taste. It's important to remember none of our hemp CBD products get customers high.

no thc, cbd only hemp

WADA and IOC approved blends, no THC, made for those concerned about testing risks or plant taste.

  • Ready for Tokyo 2021
  • Pro Soccer Approved

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full spectrum hemp

Full Spectrum blends for those who want to benefit from the 100+ cannabinoids found in the hemp plant.

  • Ready for the Everyday Athlete
  • Pro Lacrosse Approved

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Experimenting with different products at different times of day will over time yield the best results for building a Mendi routine that fits with your lifestyle. Individual preferences may vary between a 35 yr old pro and a 65 year old weekend warrior, but as Sue Bird puts it, “when it comes to recovery, an athlete is an athlete”.

Our blog articles cover a variety of topics including CBD Science, product development stories and athlete interviews. Check out this helpful resource to get inspired with tips and tricks for starting out with Mendi.

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