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Mood Kit

Formulated to balance daily stress

The Mood Kit provides a powerful punch of both immediate and extended relief. Full Spectrum gummies keep you feeling balanced all day long (and taste great), while the sublingual Full Spectrum Stress Tincture is enriched with natural herbs and terpenes carefully formulated to help reduce stress & anxiety throughout the day.  Finally, the Full Spectrum Bath Salts are our favorite way to unwind and are enriched with essential oils that act as aromatherapy to deliver deep and restorative relaxation.


  • 30-count Full Spectrum Gummies
  • 4oz Full Spectrum Lavender Bath Salts (75mg CBD)
  • 4oz Full Spectrum Lemon Balm & Rose Bath Salts (75mg CBD)
  • 500mg Full Spectrum Citrus Stress Tincture