Mendi's mission + Olympics
Jun 1st 2021

Mendi's Mission

Mendi was founded with a very simple idea:

Recovery can, and should, be made better. We have been singularly focused on that goal for the past three years, and are both proud of the progress we’ve made, and relentlessly ambitious in our pursuit of using nature’s best ingredients to help athletes of all ages, abilities and backgrounds reduce pain and inflammation, balance their mood, and sleep better so they can be the best version of themselves.

Built by athletes, for athletes, we know a thing or two about recovery. Mendi CEO and co-founder, Rachael Rapinoe, is an NCAA champion, retired pro soccer player, and has a BS in Life Sciences and MS in Health & Exercise. She was plagued by injuries throughout her career, and knows the danger of over-prescribed opiates and other harmful medications. She knew there had to be a better, more natural way and vowed to create healthier alternatives for her community and beyond.

Today, Mendi’s mission is to champion athlete health and level the playing field across the sport and cannabis industries. Focused on a holistic approach and designed to fit into real life routines, our proprietary products offer a more natural solution for real life challenges that everyday and pro athletes alike are faced with.

We are especially excited to have a roster of pro athletes championing our products and de-stigmatizing what the face of cannabis looks like in sports. Our pro athletes rely on Mendi’s no-THC Base Line (IOC and WADA compliant) because they desire an all-natural solution to their everyday problems and are tested to the highest standard in compliance with the IOC rules.

We will continue to push the status quo and encourage wider acceptance of athletes using all-natural, scientifically proven methods for better recovery.