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Top Ten Reasons to Try Tinctures
May 4th 2021
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Top Ten Reasons to Try the Cream
Apr 8th 2021
Our Cream may be known for it's ability to help relieve nagging aches and pains associated with exercise, but did you know it's also a favorite among gardeners and more? We compiled our top ten favorite reasons to try Cream as gathered by o … read more
Top Ten Reasons to Try the Stick
Mar 17th 2021
Our stick is the most versatile topical in our lineup. Ready anytime, anywhere to provide relief from the everyday grind. We asked pro athletes and customers what they love most about the stick. The list of uses and benefits was long, so we … read more
Sideline Huddle S2E8 with Leo Baker & Megan Rapinoe
Mar 16th 2021
In our Season 2 finale, two transcendent athletes and global icons join us for a conversation about equality and diversity in sport, empowerment to live your truth, why it's pedal to the metal in 2021, and the secret gems in their gym and s … read more
How CBD and Pain Relief are Related
Mar 10th 2021
Let’s talk about the three most common positive effects from CBD that have more people turning to it as an all-natural pain management tool. While every person may find unique benefits given their b … read more
Sideline Huddle S2E7 with Mendi Cofounders
Mar 9th 2021
Joining us on a special episode of Sideline Huddle, the Mendi Cofounders take the mic and share their own everyday wins that add up over time, reflections on our first year in business and 2020, and their personal fav M … read more
Sideline Huddle S2E6 with Jill Perkins
Mar 1st 2021
Snowboarder Jill Perkins sits down with Mendi CEO, Rachael Rapinoe, to talk about how she's pushing limits in not just 1 but 3 sports, her goal-setting process for 2021, the Snowboarding community's reaction to her coming out story, and mor … read more
How the Premier Lacrosse League Uses Mendi to Recover
Mar 1st 2021
During a busy Championship Series this summer, the Premier Lacrosse League players are tasked with having to bounce back quickly after each game due to a limited recovery timeline. Watch how three marquee PLL Players Mendi Athletes have bee … read more
Sideline Huddle S2E5 with Shelby Houlihan
Feb 23rd 2021
Joining us this week is the American record holder in the 1500 and 5k, and Bowerman Track Club star, Shelby Houlihan. Shelby shares what’s got her fired up in 2021, her Olympic aspirations, key ingredients for success, and how CBD hel … read more
Sideline Huddle S2E3 with Haylie McCleney
Feb 9th 2021
USA Softball standout, Haylie McCleney, joins us this week on Sideline Huddle. The newest addition to our all-star lineup of athletes has her sights set on gold in Tokyo. Haylie sits down with Mendi CEO, Rachael Rapinoe, to share her bigges … read more
Sideline Huddle S2E2 with Elijah Muhammad
Feb 2nd 2021
This week we have 2x CrossFit Games competitor and owner of Unorthodox Fitness, Elijah Muhammad, joining us on Sideline Huddle. Elijah is a man with big dreams and the discipline to make them happen. As a business owner, athlete, husband, a … read more
Sideline Huddle S2E1 with Sue Bird and Nneka Ogwumike
Jan 26th 2021
Welcome back to Sideline Huddle Season 2. In our season premiere Mendi CEO, Rachael Rapinoe, sits down with WNBA All-Stars Sue Bird and Nneka Ogwumike to talk about the everyday wins that transformed their careers, all-time gym bag essentia … read more
4 New Ways to Use Bath Salts
Jan 20th 2021
There is more than one way to get the best out of bath salts. This age-old recovery tool has been know to provide relief from muscle pain, stiffness, stress, joint aches, and dry or itchy skin. We've collected customer stories to share a f … read more
Pain, Inflammation, and Mood
Dec 17th 2020
Let’s talk about the three most common positive effects from CBD that have more people turning to it as an all-natural pain management tool. While every person may find unique benefits given their b … read more
How to Use Mendi Gift Cards
Dec 17th 2020
Instructions for giving and redeeming a Mendi Gift Card. Gift cards are the perfect way to share Mendi with someone who is new to CBD products or wants to choose a product that works for their recovery game plan, when they want. .b … read more
Why Individual Dosing Matters
Nov 12th 2020
With a low and slow approach and these tried and true tips, each individual can experiment to find the right amount of CBD that works best for them. why dosing … read more
Sideline Huddle S1E6  w/ Sam Mewis and Lynn Williams
Nov 1st 2020
Welcome to our latest episode of Sideline Huddle featuring 3x NWSL Champs and teammates, Lynn Williams and Sam Mewis who join us from North Carolina where they are awaiting the NWSL season. We talk training, puppies, CB … read more
Teamed Up Terpenes
Oct 29th 2020

Teamed Up Terpenes

These aromatic compounds create the signature scent of some of your favorite plants and produce-pine, lavender, citrus, rosemary and more. The cannabis plant is packed with a high concentra … read more
The Endocannabinoid System
Oct 15th 2020
Having just been discovered in 1992, The endocannAbinoid (ECS) plays a critical role in our understanding of how our bodies stay in balance. AN E.C.S. INTRO … read more
Oct 8th 2020


This breakdown between two of the most popular elements of cannabis is the easiest and simpleST example to highlight what cannabinoids are and how they work. CBD … read more
Hemp vs. marijuana
Sep 24th 2020

Hemp vs. marijuana

The same root same plant, bred for different uses. Here are the basic key differences between two distinctly different versions of the plant. HEMP VS. “MARIJUAN … read more
The 35 Most Influential Women in Cannabis
Sep 1st 2020
What an honor! Green Entrepreneur just released its list of the most 35 influential women in cannabis and Mendi's own Rachael and Megan Rapinoe top the list as pioneers in the industry. Learn more about their story and other women making wav … read more