How CEO, Entrepreneur and Ex-Pro Soccer Standout Rachael Rapinoe Recovers With Mendi

Posted by BigCommerce on 8th Jul 2020


The life of Mendi CEO, Rachael Rapinoe, does not consist of many dull moments. Constantly on the go and being pulled in multiple directions while working to build a successful start up from scratch, is no joke.


Now more than ever, she’s relying on the very brand she’s co-founded to bring more balance and better recovery to her days and nights.

From the time she wakes up, her mind is off to the races tackling the to-do list. The Day Tincture pairs perfectly with a cup of coffee and a nutritious breakfast. Once she’s fed, caffeinated and Mendi-fied, our CEO is ready to crush her busy days.

Movement is key to her sanity - especially now. A mid-day workout is part of staying both mentally and physically sharp. Her workouts are varied and intermixed with endurance training (running and cycling), high intensity interval runs and strength-based circuit training. She prefers to switch it up so she’s forced to focus more intentionally on her recovery routine. Post workout usually consists of a plant-based 20g protein shake and a 25mg Mendi gummy (sometimes two). Then, another balanced and nutrient-rich lunch to keep her energized for the rest of the work day. The salve stick is applied to her post-operative knees and ankles to combat the aches and pains of being an athlete.

At the end of each work day, Rachael and the dogs are ready for some fresh air and park-time fun. She has learned over years of working from home that getting out of the house once she’s done working helps her reset and transition mentally for the rest of the night. It’s best for her and those around her (wink wink).

Dinner typically consists of another well-balanced meal with lean protein (usually grilled), veggies and healthy carbs. And if we’re being honest, a glass or two of wine. It’s good for the heart, right?

Rachael’s nightly recovery routine includes either foam rolling, deep stretching or both, and rubbing the massage oil on her tense and achy muscles before bed. The smell is soothing and pairs well with her favorite Night Tincture - the Spice! She switches it up between the Gel Caps and the Night Tincture, both are great pre-bed regimens to get that deep, REM sleep our bodies need.

This consistent routine helps our CEO stay on top of her game in this crazy start-up life. Mendi keeps her ready and recovered.


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