Full Spectrum Practice Pack

Was: $180.00
Now: $144.00

Our New Full Spectrum Practice Pack allows you to save big while trying our hemp-derived recovery line. This bundle is a great way to try our Core Line with approximately a month's supply of each product and is an excellent gift to share with friends or family you love during this stressful time. Now more than ever it’s important to feed your endocannabinoid system, and with Mendi's hemp products you can trust you're using nature's best ingredients into your body to to stay as strong and healthy as possible.


  • New Full Spectrum Mint Night Tincture - 500 mg of CBD (15 doses of ~33mg)
  • 30 Full Spectrum Gummies with 25 mg of CBD ea.
  • Full Spectrum Cream - 500mg of CBD

Our ATHLETE BUILT promise means everything we make is all-natural, 3rd-party tested, USA-grown and athlete-approved.

  • TSA friendly for air travel within U.S.
  • Non-GMO
  • Has .3% traces of THC

This is a highly versatile option for your recovery toolkit. To learn more about how the world's best athletes use Mendi products to recover better, check out how the Premier Lacrosse Lacrosse League uses our CBD recovery tools to power their star player's recovery game plans.