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No THC CBD Massage Oil

Formulated for deep muscle pain & tension relief

For deep muscle and tension relief, nothing beats our plant-stacked hemp CBD Massage Oil. We recommend using the CBD Massage Oil post-workout to help combat soreness, aches, and pains, but it can be used anytime of day for quick and effective muscle and tension relief. The 60ml jar contains 450mg of Broad Spectrum CBD Hemp and the 200ml jar contains 1500mg of CBD Hemp.

No THC CBD Massage Oil FAQs

Depending on the size of the muscle you’re wanting to target, one pump is usually the right amount.

In some ways, it’s personal preference. We find the No THC CBD Massage Oil best for deep muscle relaxation and tension relief in larger areas (lower and upper back, neck, shoulder, legs). Its heating effect warms up the tissue to enable the CBD to penetrate deeper into the muscles or joint, whereas the CBD Salve Stick has more of a cooling effect. We strongly encourage experimentation, as different formulations may suit your needs better than others.

We recommend using the No THC CBD Massage Oil a few times per day. We love rubbing it on sore muscles or tense areas at the end of a long day to help us wind down! Don’t go overboard, but it’s totally safe to use many times a day on your affected area(s).