How CBD and Pain Relief are Related
Mar 10th 2021

Let’s talk about the three most common positive effects from CBD that have more people turning to it as an all-natural pain management tool.

While every person may find unique benefits given their body chemistry, both science and anecdotal evidence points to Pain Relief, Inflammation, and anxiety as three common areas positively affected by CBD.

Let’s look at each of these benefits to understand what they are, the causes and how CBD plays a critical role in helping the body reach homeostasis.

CBD And pain relief

cbd and pain relief

common positive effects of cbd and the science to back it up.

Acute and chronic pain are two of the biggest reasons more people are turning to all-natural, non-addictive remedies like CBD.

While every person may find benefits unique to their body chemistry, both science and anecdotal evidence point to Pain Relief, Inflammation, and anxie ty as three common areas positively affected by CBD.

Science shows us that safe, federally legal products like Mendi's hemp-derived CBD, interact with your Endocannabinoid System (ECS) which in charge of your body and mind's homeostasis.

Mendi began with a need to innovate healthier tools for active people. Our CEO, Rachael Rapinoe, had seen first hand how destructive Opioids and high dose prescription meds could be for professional athletes. That's why we source all-natural, USA made, federally legal ingredients that have quickly become trusted by everyday athletes, pros, and Olympians alike.

A number of our customers find topical and/or ingestible CBD to be helpful with both acute and chronic pain. Here are a couple recent customer reactions:

“the mendi salve stick is my natural anti-inflammatory alternative. I use it daily. It's a no brainer."

Sue Bird - WNBA All-Star, Mendi Advisor and Athlete Ambassador

“I recently tore my ACL. During my recovery process Mendi helped me control my inflammation and kept my knee from feeling stiff.”

Naomi C. - Mendi Customer

“As a former professional athlete with post-playing career related back pain, I’ve loved incorporating Mendi as a natural pain-management solution.”

Curtis Borchardt - Doctor of Physical Therapy, Retired NBA Player

how mendi works

IOC and WADA approved

Rest-assured if you’re tested on the job, or play in a league with testing, there’s zero chance you’ll fail a THC test with our Base Line, No-THC products.

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Our proprietary products include hemp-derived CBD and natural plants, herbs, terpenes, and oils that work together to deliver the desired effect with fresh, healing scents.

A safer, healthier choice

CBD is a low, risk plant derived solution without the side effects that other medications like anti-inflammatories or steroids can have. It's federally and TSA safe.

athlete built and trusted

In episode 5 of our Sideline Huddle podcast series we sat down with our team mid-COVID distancing to talk about how we first got started using hemp products, how Mendi has helped demystify cannabis for our parents, and our favorite ways to try our products with the right dose.

our society champions the everyday grind mindset, But over time it also takes its toll. It's time to get some relief from the grind for your body and mind.

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Just like every athlete, our recovery tools aren't a one-size-fits-all solution. Depending on your age, activity level, sport, or goals for better recovery are your toolkit will look different. We want to help you find the right products to help you stay on top of your game longer. As a starting point, we’ve assembled an F.A.Q. of recurring questions we get from customers. If you'd like to learn more about our products don't hesitate to get in touch.