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5 Reasons to Try CBD Oil Tinctures

Rachael Rapinoe

June 06, 2022 4 min read

5 Reasons to Try CBD Oil Tinctures

Our new and improved Mendi CBD oil tincture formulas are designed to deliver a calmer mind and better sleep to help you thrive naturally, everyday. Combining Oregon sourced hemp CBD oil in advanced botanical, terpene, and adaptogen blends we’re delivering the most effective product to help relieve stress and anxiety and better sleep. This product will continue to be offered in our No THC or Full Spectrum hemp lines. If you’re on the fence or unfamiliar with tinctures, below are 5 essential reasons to try this product in your daily routine.


Fast Acting & Long Lasting

One of the best reasons to use CBD oil tinctures is their immediate and long lasting effect. However, when using concentrated plant oil tinctures it’s critical you use them correctly. There are many ways to ingest an oil tincture. You can add a few drops or an entire dropper to your morning coffee, water or another liquid, but this form of ingestion requires a water soluble specific tincture. However, the most effective and fast acting way to ingest a CBD oil tincture is by dropping the oil under your tongue or sublingually. We have sublingual glands under our tongue, which allows plant compounds and oils to enter the bloodstream much quicker than swallowing. When we swallow the CBD oil tincture, it then needs to be processed through your liver and stomach, which degrades a bit of the plant matter and hemp oil. To avoid this and retain as much of the oil as possible, it’s best to allow it to be absorbed through your sublingual glands so it can bypass the stomach and liver and get into your bloodstream quicker.

To do this, shake the CBD oil tincture bottle well to make sure all the plant compounds are thoroughly mixed together. Then, drop a half or whole dropper (depending on your preferred dosage) under your tongue, let the CBD oil sit there for at least 30 seconds but up to 2 minutes for maximal absorption. This will allow the concentrated hemp oil and plant compounds to get into your bloodstream within 15-20 minutes and the relief can last up to 4-6 hours.


Adaptogens, Botanicals, and Nootropics Team up

We listened to customer feedback about how our tinctures were being used and formulated two new products perfectly designed for two specific benefits that our customers need the most – stress relief and better sleep. In addition to hemp, our Sleep CBD Oil Tincture also includes reishi mushroom extract, hops, passion flower, valerian room and the terpene beta-caryophyllene to enhance your ability to fall asleep faster and stay soundly asleep throughout the night.

Our new Stress CBD Oil Tincture includes ashwagandha mushroom extract, Omega 3 from algal oil (vegan), vitamin D3, and the terpene limonen to target your stress and anxiety response much more effectively now.

In addition to our advanced botanical and adaptogenic blends, CBD in itself is also a natural anti-inflammatory. Since this CBD oil tinctures are an ingestible that will enter your bloodstream, it will also help with full body inflammation and pain relief.


All Natural, Oregon Grown, Vegan, and Full Panel 3rd Party Tested

We strongly believe that our sourcing, production and advanced testing standards all ladder up to one of the most important reasons to try our new CBD oil tinctures. When choosing anything that you put on or in your body, trust and transparency are a crucial part of the process. At Mendi, we create products that are sustainably farmed, Oregon grown, USA made and 3rd party tested using the most advanced testing specifications the industry has to offer. Which means, we test for hemp oil potency, microbrials, pesticides, solvents and heavy metals. We go above and beyond industry standards to ensure that each label is exactly what you’ll find in every bottle. We want to give you the peace of mind about using non-toxic, safe and effective products. You can find all individual batch testing results for each of our products here.


Highly Concentrated

Another great benefit of CBD oil tinctures are the high concentrations of plant matter we’re able to squeeze into every bottle. The convenient and precise dosing of the highly concentrated hemp oil will have you feeling the positive effects of CBD 24/7. Customers have found that a ½ dropper serving size is a great place to start, but each dropper allows you to modify precisely as needed. We’re able to combine so many powerful and effective ingredients into one product due to the simplicity of the centrated oil production process. This allows us to offer extra strength options as well as our regular strength options. We want to meet our customers every step of the way in their CBD journey.


It’s Already Helping Hundreds of Customers

Truly remarkable results
I did not really think this would help me sleep but it has been a game changer for me. I was not able to sleep due to pain from torn rotator cuff injuries in both shoulders. After taking the tincture at night for a few days, I have been sleeping a solid 7 hours every night. I have been experiencing my best sleep in a very long time. At least for me this has been a huge success.
Craig F.

My Favorite Product
This is my favorite Mendi product. I had issues falling asleep and staying asleep, but the Full Spectrum Sleep Oil Tincture helps me sleep through the night. It’s the absolute best!
Holly J.

A Notable Difference in My Anxiety
I’ve been using Mendi’s No THC Stress CBD oil tincture and have not been disappointed. I have anxiety and can tell a noticeable difference when I haven’t taken it. The taste is also great in comparison to other CBD oils I have tried. I have a subscription and get it shipped every other month.
Lyndsey M.

This stuff is amazing!!!
I was a bit skeptical at first but after a few pain free runs I am a total convert. You have a life long customer!
Lizzy B.


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